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Pre-Appointment Check List

Ensuring Successful Screenings & Treatments:
Pre-Appointment Checklist

  • Hair should be clean and tangle-free before head screening or total treatment (no gel or styling products on hair). Fine-toothed metal nit combs must be able to pass through the hair and along the scalp for screenings and Total Treatments. The outcome of treatments and screenings cannot be guaranteed if we cannot pass nit combs through the hair. 

  • Total Treatments take an average of 2 hours to complete (depending on the length and thickness of hair). Our objective is to ensure 100% eradication in a single visit. To guarantee complete relief in a single treatment, please afford the necessary time to work through the process. Note: children will need to sit through the entire process. We will do our best to accommodate breaks and consider the child's needs. We recommend providing access to favorite movies, TV shows, iPads, etc., to help entertain children throughout the process.

 What To Expect:
Head Screening / Lice - Free Certification


Average Duration: 10-15 min (time varies based on length & thickness of hair)

  • Discreet screening from the comfort of your home

  • Friendly, knowledgeable certified lice specialists to conduct screening, address questions & educate about future preventative measures


Key Steps:

  • Inspection/Screening: Thorough inspection of the hair and scalp to confirm active infestation/certify the absence of lice & visible signs of infestation 

  • Lice-Free Certification: confirmation of completed head check and lice-free certification available for schools, summer camps, etc. upon request

*Screening fee is waived for each person receiving Total Treatment for active lice infestation. Discounted head checks are provided for all household members during the initial visit when Total Treatment is administered.

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 What To Expect:
Total Treatment


Average Duration: 60 - 120+min (time varies based on extent of infestation/length & thickness of hair)

  • Discreet treatment from the comfort of your home

  • Lice eliminated in one treatment 

  • 30-Day Lice-Free Guarantee *see additional details

  • Safe, effective, non-toxic, non-pesticidal

  • Friendly, knowledgeable, certified lice specialists to administer treatment; address questions and educate about future preventative measures


Key Steps:

  • ConfirmationThorough lice screening to confirm active infestation  (Screening fee is waived for each person receiving treatment for active lice infestation. To help ensure the eradication of lice within the household, discounted head checks are available for all household members during the initial visit.)

  • DehydrationTargeted heat treatment application to fully desiccate (dehydrate) all lice and eggs

  • RemovalMethodical comb-out utilizing The Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand combing to extract expired lice, eggs, and debris

  • Suffocation: Application of topical lice solution to effectively smother the spiracles of lice and aeropyles of eggs

  • After Care InstructionsFollowing each service, additional information and recommendations will be provided

  • Certification of Treatment available for schools/camps *upon request

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