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30-Day Lice-Free Guarantee

After receiving the Total Treatment, you will be LICE-FREE! We want you to feel the same confidence we have in the efficacy of our process. That's why we offer a 30-day lice-free guarantee.

30 Day Lice-Free Guarantee:

To qualify for the 30-day lice-free guarantee, all family/household members must be screened and treated if lice are detected during the initial appointment. Screening every household member assures that lice have been wiped out of the residence; greatly reducing the odds of re-infestation. To help ensure complete eradication and meet these guidelines, we offer discounted head checks for all household members during the initial appointment. The 30-day Lice Free Guarantee will not be provided if all household members are not checked and treated (if positive for lice) during the initial visit due to the increased likelihood of re-infestation.


After treatment,  all lice and eggs will be terminated and the recipient will no longer be contagious. The weeks following an infestation can be a confusing time. After an infestation people tend to be on high alert, becoming alarmed by the sight of naturally occurring dandruff and otherwise normal sensations felt on their scalp. We will conduct a free peace of mind re-check within 5-7 days following treatment to confirm there is no evidence of lice. Although highly unlikely, in the event of treatment deficiency, we will provide FREE re-treatment within 30 days.*


If the presence of active head lice is suspected within the 30-day window following a clear peace of mind re-check, please reach out to discuss your concerns.  We are happy to help determine if your concerns sound like a possible failure in treatment or re-infestation. If you believe a live louse has been discovered, please capture a clear, close-up image of the bug on a white paper plate or paper towel and place it in a sealed plastic bag. We will review the photos to confirm the presence of lice. If lice are confirmed from the images, we will promptly schedule the next available appointment.  If there is insufficient evidence that infestation is still present, but an individual is convinced they have an active case of lice, we are happy to re-screen for lice. In the event lice are present and the evidence indicates a failure in treatment, we will gladly provide treatment. If the screening reveals no sign of live lice infestation, a $25 screening fee for each person receiving a head check will apply. Regardless of the outcome of the screening, the most important factor is providing peace of mind by confirming the absence of lice or re-treating to ensure eradication.



*The 30-day guarantee only applies to those receiving treatment. Indications of re-infestation are not a failure in treatment. Complimentary re-treatment is non-transferable and limited to one re-treat per original service. Re-treatment does not extend the guarantee.

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