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Complete & Total Care

We can help with detection, treatment, and preventative care.


Confirming the presence of nits or lice

If you are seeking peace of mind or need a lice-free certification to return to school, we can help! Our technicians carefully inspect the hair and scalp to determine if lice are present. If an active case of head lice is confirmed, the screening fee is waived for all individuals receiving treatment.

Lice can spread quickly within a household. All family members should be checked once an active case has been confirmed to prevent re-infestation and ensure total eradication. All household members will receive a discounted rate for head checks during the initial visit.

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Shepherd Institute Certification Seal

Total Treatment

A comprehensive solution combining safe and proven methods in lice care that is guaranteed to bring relief in one session.
Targeted Heat

Controlled heat application is the first step of The Total Treatment. Targeted heat treatment is one of the latest innovations in the battle against head lice. Applied heat is a comprehensive and effective option for lice eradication by simultaneously desiccating lice and eggs in a single application. Because heat treatment targets all stages of the lice life cycle, less than 1% of cases require re-treatment.

Strand-by-Strand Shepherd Method Comb-out

The second step of The Total Treatment employs methodical strand-by-strand comb-out utilizing the nationally recognized Shepherd Method. The Shepherd Method is a safe, non-toxic means of treating head lice, applying a strand-by-strand technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice evidence has been removed. The Shepherd Method takes no shortcuts and is the preeminent model for louse-removal facilities. Complete Relief Lice Care is proud to be one of the only Shepherd Certified lice removal services in Boerne and surrounding areas.

Non-Toxic/Non-Pesticidal Topical Application

For added measure, a non-toxic solution is applied to the hair to suffocate all stages of lice as the final step of The Total Treatment. 



Treatment duration is an average of 60-120 min+ (depending on the amount and texture of hair)

We stand behind the efficacy of our process. The Total Treatment is backed by a 30-day lice-free guarantee!*



Are you looking to tackle treatment yourself? If so, we are happy to offer a safe, non-toxic lice treatment and removal package to treat the whole family. Our self-treatment kit includes Lice Logic Clear & Free lice-eliminating shampoo, a reusable genuine Nit Free Terminator comb, step-by-step treatment, and home care instructions. Because self-treatments are not performed by experienced lice specialists, application and combing will need to be repeated for 7-10 days following initial treatment to ensure all lice are removed.

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Once you are lice-free, we want you to stay lice-free. We offer premium products at reasonable prices to help repel lice in high-exposure settings like school, camp, daycare, and extracurricular activities. Safe for all ages to use daily, Lice Logic Repel shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in products are gentle on hair while fending off the looming risk of lice.

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